Theatre Sound : Words and Concepts

The multilingual glossary (French, German, English, Portuguese, Spanish) will trace the history, developments, and circulation – by translation or borrowing – of major words and concepts pertaining to the field of sound and listening in Western theater. The project will thus reveal dynamics, discrepancies, transfers and redefinitions. This work will equally address arguments and research produced in the fields of intermedial theory and historical anthropology – an approach that was elaborated during the International Project for Scientific Cooperation (PICS) Theater Sound (2008-2012).

This project is directed by Marie-Madeleine Mervant-Roux, CNRS/ARIAS and Eric Vautrin, Assistant Prof. at the Université de Caen-Basse Normandie / Associate Researcher at ARIAS.

Scientific committee :
- J. Bovet (Prof., Université de Montréal / CRIalt)
- D. Chambolle (Assistant Prof., Université Lille 3)
- M.-M. Mervant-Roux (DR, CNRS/ARIAS)
- A. Timponi (PhD Candidate, EHESS)
- K. Rost (PhD Candidate, Freie Universität, Berlin)
- M. Van Drie (Post-doc Fellow EHESS / Université Paris I / ARIAS)
- Eric Vautrin (Assistant Prof, Université de Caen-Basse Normandie / ARIAS)

Research Group Members :
- B. Boisson (Assistant Prof., Université Rennes 2
- C. Bosc (PhD Candidate, Université Paris 3 / ARIAS)
- M. Chénetier-Alev (Postdoc Fellow)
- A. Curel (PhD Candidate, Université Paris 3/ENS/ARIAS)
- C. De Simone (PhD Candidate, U. Paris-Ouest)
- P. Feaster (Adjunct Lecturer, Indiana University)
- L. Fernandez (Postdoc Fellow, Roehampton University / ARIAS)
- G. Home-Cook (Independent Researcher, University of London)
- J.-M. Larrue (Prof., Université de Montréal)
- M.-C. Lesage (Prof., UQAM)
- K. Lichau (Researcher, Centre Marc Bloch, Berlin)
- J. Sterne (Prof., McGill University)
- M. Sobottke (Translator)
- Viktoria Tkaczyk (Prof., UvA)
- G. Trivulce (PhD Candidate, Université Paris 3/ARIAS)
- R. Uhiara (PhD Candidate, Université Paris 3/ARIAS)
- T. Vladova (Adjunct Lecturer, EHESS)